Aieee! we\’re all gonna dieeeeeee!

Researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia and Purdue University in the US said global warming will not stop after 2100, the point where most previous projections have ended.

In fact temperatures may rise by up to 12C (21.6F) within just three centuries making many countries into deserts.

A) No one has ever said that climate change will miraculously stop in 2100.

b) So what?

Projecting out three hundred years is entirely a mug\’s game. What technologies were we using in 1810? What do we use now?

Well, quite, what technologies are we going to be using in 2410?

At a 1% growth rate (lower than anything assumed by the IPCC) they will be 20 times richer than us. At a 3% growth rate (one of the options assumed by the IPCC) they will be 7,000 times richer than us.

Anyone really think that a globe 7,000 times richer is going to have a problem with CO2 in the atmosphere?


7 thoughts on “Aieee! we\’re all gonna dieeeeeee!”

  1. It’s a bit like a 1900 report suggesting that by the year 3000 the planet will be covered in a fifty foot layer of horseshit.

  2. I’m sorry, you’re trying to be logical. That will never work with the advocates of Warble Gloaming.

    The fanatics of the Green God cult are impervious to anything resemble rational, fact based argument.

  3. I’m sorry but hasn’t global warming been happening for the last 12,000 years? I’ve just looked out of the window, and my house isn’t buried under 6,000 feet of ice. Why would anyone think it might stop in 2100?

  4. @Jonathan

    I’m sorry, the word “think” is a bit of a problem here. Alarmists don’t really do much of that.

  5. These people are just literally hustlers. They have reached the point where they are prepared to dream up any long term scenario that suits their immediate purposes.

    Maybe instead of refuting their arguments, we should dream up some alarmist scare of our own and point it at them.

  6. Kevin B

    They were nearly right, the only difference being that it’s so much bullshit we have to contend with.

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