Arguments that don\’t totally convince me

Until multinational corporations are required to have non-execs from outside business they will not be brought to account.

And don’t argue the skills aren’t possible. We run governments on this basis…..

I can\’t say that I\’m entirely convinced that bringing the standards of transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of government to multi-national companies is actually a step forward.

Ritchie of course disagrees.

2 thoughts on “Arguments that don\’t totally convince me”

  1. Governments aren’t run efficiently on the basis of non-execs from outside of the business (of government). When you have MPs with no experience of running and managing large departments being made ministers then you a reciepe for disaster. As was shown in the last government. At best, governments muddle along only just avoiding disaster.

  2. doesn’t Ritchie know that it is the Civil service who do the actual running of the country…and we all know how effective the Governmental non-execs are at holding them to account.

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