Bonzer Willy!

Power to require that British newspapers are owned by EU, if not British, nationals who pay UK tax and conform to British competition policy.

Will Hutton, the man who writes for a newspaper owned by the Scott Trust: an entity which does not pay UK tax as it is a charity.

I do wonder whether the man thinks before he writes.

4 thoughts on “Bonzer Willy!”

  1. Since it appears he’ll get paid regardless, why would he bother to expend what must be a considerable amount of effort for him..?

  2. The real worry is that he does think before he writes – and still produces a tsunami of drivel.

  3. “I do wonder whether the man thinks before he writes.”

    Sorry Tim I spotted a typo…there, that’s better:

    “I do wonder whether the man thinks.”

  4. And foreign owners are no less subject to British competition policy than any others, too.

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