Fun little fact

excludes 12 peers who are on leave of absence, 16 disqualified, senior members of the judiciary and 1 disqualified as an MEP


I know about the MEP and the judges. Didn\’t know you could have a leave of absence but no matter.

But those 16 disqualified?

Reasons for diqualification are few and far between. Being under 21 or being a not UK, Irish or Commonwealth citizen. Well, yes, but that would only deal with the hereditaries really and they\’re now elected by the other hereditaries. So they wouldn\’t elect someone who couldn\’t sit, would they?

Then there\’s a conviction for high treason but I think we would have heard about it if that had happened.

The only other one is bankruptcy (I can\’t even see there\’s one for insanity for example).

So my assumption is that 16 Life Peers have managed to make themselves bankrupt.

I wonder who they are?

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  1. 12 x Law Lords; they are ‘disqualified’ until they retire from that position, and can then retake their seats in the Lords.

  2. anonymong: “Senior members of the judiciary” is there as what looks like a separate item, so unless they are double counted, by my reading of it they are not included in the sixteen.

    “Leave of absence” might just be a euphemism for “is very sick”, I think, possibly even including insanity. You’d have to look at the rules.

  3. The punctuation is ambiguous – I make that “16 disqualified due to being Senior Members of the Judiciary” rather than “16 disqualified and all the members of the senior judiciary”.

    Remember, only 11 members of the Supreme Court are Lords – Sir John Dyson wasn’t enobled on appointment.

    You also have Lord Judge and Lord Neuberger, making 13; Lord MacKay of Drumadoon, Lady Clark of Calton and Lord Hardie from the Scots judiciary. That’s your 16.

    Interestingly, the corresponding Wikifiddler article has “16 peers disqualified as serving senior judges”

  4. Since the Supreme Court came into being, new appointees are no longer made Lords. Whilst there are 12 Supremes, only 11 of them are now Lords.

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