How to make us poorer

Dale Vince, the company’s founder, admitted that trying to generate solar power under England’s frequently grey skies was an inefficient way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Even in the sunniest parts of England, the farms will generate a third less electricity than farms of the same size in southern Spain. However, Mr Vince said that the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme, which began last month, had made solar farms economically viable.


He said that solar panels were six times as expensive per unit of electricity generated as onshore wind turbines, which are themselves several times more costly than gas or coal plants.

Commenting on the subsidy available, Mr Vince said: “We don’t think [a feed-in tariff policy] is the best way to go but it’s here and rather than sit and sulk and say it shouldn’t be done, we are just going to get on and do it.


1 thought on “How to make us poorer”

  1. Peter MacFarlane

    “…had made solar farms economically viable.”

    Translation: “had made solar farms a handy business scam”.

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