Mandelson, Deripaska and aluminium tariffs

The Mail has a right old go at Mandy here. Worth reading in full.

The one bit they\’ve left out is that such tariffs do not necessarily apply to all \”product x\” from \”country y \”. It\’s entirely possible for tariffs to be applied only to \”product x\” from \”factory y\”. If, that is, factory y is seen to (or even claimed to have) some special subsidy or advantage in an \”unfair\” manner.

It would be most interesting indeed to find out whether tariffs on such flat rolled products (as I recall, one of the items was aluminium foil) were changed for all Russian factories or just those of Rusal and or Alcoa. Also, whether all CIS tariffs changed, or just those for Russia (if Rusal and Alcoa were the only Russian producers but not the only CIS producers).

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