Ms. Carla Bruni

FRENCH first lady Carla Bruni faced huge embarrassment yesterday after an X-rated sex interview from her steamy past came to light.

She wore a blue shirt and black trousers as she was pictured stroking goats.

First and last lines of Sun article.

4 thoughts on “Ms. Carla Bruni”

  1. It’s like the old joke about the perv going into the sex shop and asking the shopkeeper for something really “good”.

    The purveyor of Swedish Educational movies tells the man he has one movie. It’s so “hot” he can’t even show people the cover, but he assures our pervie customer the action includes nuns, goats and children. The perv agrees to the ridiculous price and scuttles homewards. Back at his pad he shoves the dvd into the machine and views the opening scene: Julie Andrews running across an alp yodelling about hills being alive with the sound of music.

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