Ms Fiona Millar

Still not quite got the point of these academies and free schools has our Ms. Millar:

The model funding agreement left by Labour attempted to bind academies into the local authority family. If that is torn up by Gove, chaos could ensue…

The calculation is that chaos is better than having schools bound into the local authority family. They may be right or wrong about this (I think they\’re right for whatever that\’s worth) but this is indeed the point of the whole exercise.

To get LAs, LEAs and the entire educational bureaucracy entirely detatched from the actual education system where they do so much harm.

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  1. Idiots like her and Balls are saying it is wrong to forcibly exclude LEAs from the process. I say it is wrong to forcibly INCLUDE them.

    By all means let schools that WANT LEAs involved have them, while others will feel that the extra money will be better spent if they control it.

    Some will be proved wrong, many will be right.

    Alan Douglas

  2. Chaos is what we have now, with people trying to move house to be in catchment areas because there are insufficient places at good schools. Period.

    LEAs, being of the State, cannot comprehend the concept of surplus capacity. They want to keep the schools they have and “improve them”.

    Problem is, the motivation to improve is not quite there. If the school was presented with the reality that next term a new school was opening nearby, such that 80% of their pupils AND WITH THEM THE FUNDING was going to move out, then I think they would sort themselves out sharpish.

    They would probably not respond in time, but shrink dramatically, sack the worst staff and rebuild. You know, like any organisation out in the real world.

    Without a surplus of spaces education will not improve at the rate that it could and should.

    p.s. @Alan Douglas, seconded. No zealotry. Freedom for the school.

  3. How can reoving schools from the control of unaccountable LEAs and placing them under the aegis of their own boards of governors “reduce accountability”? Verily Ms Millar is a numptette of the first water.

    My only gripe with the policy as advertised is that it leaves the LEAs intact and hence consuming funds better used elsewhere. I wish Gove and the LibCons had the cojomnes to simply make the freeing of the nation’s schools absolute, universal and immediate.

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