Ms. Klein\’s thesis shown to be wrong again

Europe’s movement toward unification has always been the product of crises.

It ain\’t the neo-liberals who use crises to advance their agendas…..

7 thoughts on “Ms. Klein\’s thesis shown to be wrong again”

  1. Lenin did quite notably…

    In fact, there were Bolsheviks who argued that things should be made worse for the Russian working classes to provoke said crises.

    But I don’t think its fair to say “It ain’t the neo-liberals who use crises to advance their agendas…”

    It ain’t just the neo-liberals who use crises to advance their agendas…

  2. Also further confirmation of Campbell’s thesis (which I used to promulgate back in my blogging days), that left-wingers are always guilty of using the tactics that they complain about in their opponents. (This meant that if you ever wanted to know what tricks they were up to, you just had to look at what tactics they were complaining about).

  3. BB s idea works pretty well for all- it works because everyone tends to think of others mas being like themselves.

  4. The Pedant-General

    Ah but a blithering idiot like Ms Klein would try to tell you that the EU was in fact a neo-liberal red-in-tooth-and-claw free-market-fundamentalist construct.

    But then she’s a blithering idiot.

  5. Alexis de Tocqueville said that revolutions happen when things are getting better. The Bolshevik, Italian fascist, German Nazi and Chinese Communist stories certainly bear him out. Maybe it applies solely to left-directed revolutions (i.e. anti-liberty). I can only see a liberty-directed revolution after the socialist villain, having fucked the country into a cocked hat, is finally cornered, and the bleeding victim stabs the bastard and runs in the sole remaining direction. Every which way is up, in this scenario. 1979, basically.

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