The 10 pirates were captured last week after seizing a Russian oil tanker but were then unexpectedly released, with Russian officials saying there was insufficient legal basis to keep them in detention and that they would be too expensive to feed.

\”According to the latest information, the pirates who seized the Moscow University oil tanker failed to reach the shore. Evidently, they have all died,\” the high-ranking source was quoted as saying by Russia\’s official news agencies.

Put back in their boat with no navigational equipment and no weapons. Radio contact was lost \”within an hour\”.

To claim that there might have been some gangplank walking, perhaps some extra-judicial executions, would be a gross slur upon the Russian nation of course.

14 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. Sometimes I admire the Russian simplicity. No cosy courtroom in Nairobi for those pirates. What’s the betting they’ll be avoiding ships marked with Cyrillic letters in future?

  2. That’s the way to deal with pirates…

    Perhaps that old anecdote about the kidnapped Russian diplomat in Iraq (or Afghanistan, I’ve heard several versions) is true?

  3. It seems that if you pay gold, to avoid paying blood, you must continue to pay in that currency. If you pay in blood it may well be a one off payment. Which is the better deal?

  4. @JulieM

    That sort of story was doing rounds when all those kidnappings took place in Lebanon. The story was that a couple of important parts of the anatomy of a of some would be kidnappers of a Russian were posted back to the gang leaders.

  5. Whatever happened, good for the Russians. The Royal Navy should be as robust.

    As naval architects have, unaccountably, ceased to include yardarms in ship designs, the simplest solution is to machine-gun the buggers over the stern.

  6. Yes, the RN should be robust, pour encourager les autres.

    The fact that we currently have “legislation” that enables pirates to “claim asylum” shows that the “legislation” is not fit for purpose and should be junked and, only if necessary, tried again.

  7. What’s all this pallaver about machine gunning these poor souls? The Russians treated these priates incredibly humanely: They simply deprived them of the more obvious tools of their trade, gave them a stiff talking to and then sent them on their way.

    The fact the Russian Navy handbook includes things like compasses, sextants, oars, sails, water, fuel and food in its list of tools of the priratical trade is just a technicality dragged up by the yooman rights brigade to cause trouble.

  8. a.) No one said their boat was still seaworthy.

    b.) Bad case of high speed lead poisoning is the most likely.

  9. I think the pirates (and their friends) will probably learn their lesson.

    Anyone want odds on more Russian flagged vessels being taken?

  10. “What’s the betting they’ll be avoiding ships marked with Cyrillic letters in future?”

    Well those particular ones certainly will!

    And btw, I agree with Julia, Tim, and Jeff – stop pussyfooting about. Shoot them.

  11. There once was a pirate named Bates
    Who did the fandango on skates.
    He slipped on his cutlass
    Which rendered him nutless
    And practically useless on dates.

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