On the class system in England

A tad more complex and deeply rooted in our history than some manage to grasp:

The problem with you liberal conspirators is that though you are always banging on about class, you really don’t understand it.

You imagine, for instance, that because Richard Drax has a quadruple-barreled name he must be a social grandee. But a proper toff would regard him as a frightful nouveau-riche oik.

The Erle-Drax clan made their pile by being Lefties. They were on Cromwell’s side in the English Civil War – and were well rewarded for it.

Later, they sided with the awful Dutchman, King Billy, so beloved of our Northern Irish loyalists against the rightful King, James Stuart.

7 thoughts on “On the class system in England”

  1. The Pedant-General

    That’s right up there with the famous riposte: “I’m not a snob: for example, I speak to people like you.”

    Winds them up something rotten.

  2. I always thought most “toffs” struggle to find wealth back 3, 4 generations. It is usually “clogs to clogs in three”. Shopkeepers, traders, those who worked their way up a company* are often the beginning, buying access to top tier education or urging into Grammar Schools which then enables their grandchildren to become undetectable from the rest.

    How many upper middles owe their lot to the Grammar School system and the social mobility it created. Loads, I suspect.

    * marrying in? Duh. No. Go back one generation. Do not collect £200, nor a cigar.

  3. That’s one of the first things that goes with government by public-schoolboys : a sense of humour.

  4. The dominance of people with inherited wealth like Clegg,Cameron and Osborne hardly indicates that the privileged class is a thing of the past in the UK.

  5. I look at the numbers and think “what a crap job the comprehensives are doing in producing people fit to become cabinet ministers.”

  6. We’ll no doubt find in the fullness of time that the privates and grammars did an equally crap job, producing people who think they should be cabinet ministers but are not fit to be so.

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