Ritchie on democracy

But electoral reform has to remain on the agenda. We cannot afford the Tories ever having the chance to secure a majority in its won right – the prospect for democracy in the UK is just too horrible to contemplate.

Apparently democracy doesn\’t include the possibility of people Ritchie doesn\’t like getting elected by the people.

16 thoughts on “Ritchie on democracy”

  1. Viva The Progressive Alliance! Veeeeeeeeva!
    Viva Hero of Socialist Democracy, Ritchie! Veeeeeeeeva!

    Panzi the capitalist running dogs! Paaaaaaaaanzi!

    Ein volk. Ein Reich. Ein Ritchie.

  2. Posted at the home of the Fourth Reich:

    We cannot afford X ever having the chance to secure a majority in its won (sic) right – the prospect for democracy in Y is just too horrible to contemplate.

    Who can we imagine saying that? Hitler? Stalin? Castro?

    Oh, yes, the electoral system must be rigged so that, in the case of the UK, 10.6 million people must be disenfranchised.

    Why exactly do you think that is a good thing Mr Murphy?

  3. “The next two years will be horrid” as opposed to the last 13 years of utopia. The man is a weapons grade moron.

  4. @Dennis the Peasant: yes its obvious that when they gave the working man and woman the vote the ‘intention’ was for them to vote for the socialist candidates only, so we must enforce the spirit of electoral law, rather than the letter of it. You can vote for whoever you like as long as Ritchie agrees with them first. Vote for anyone else, you are obviously an enemy of the people and must be be ‘re-educated’ (by extreme force if necessary – these people are sub-human you know!).

  5. Hey, it’s like I’m getting acid flashbacks to the time when the hoi polloi dared to vote Red Ken out as Mayor of London.

  6. And I would point out that ritchie announced his blog that he voted LibDem! So he helped put a Tory government in power! The irony is almost too good to be true. I still haven’t stopped laughing

  7. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “Add “democracy” to the list of concepts Ritchie doesn’t understand.”

    Might as well just replace the list with the Oxford English Dictionary. Saves time.

  8. This is the Richie who voted for the LibDems, knowing that they said they would try to form a coalition with the largest party, and where the polls always said the largest party would be the Conservatives.

    He now doesn’t like what he voted for last week.

  9. I’m certain that if 36% had voted Labour and given Gordon a working majority, Richie would not be complaining. He is weapons grade hypocrite.

    The only politician or pundit I will ever take a lecture from on electoral reform, is one who will be worse off for it.

  10. @marksany: I think Tony Blair got 36% in 2005 and a 60 MP majority. Didn’t hear Ritchie complaining about the nature of democracy then…………

  11. I believe it was your own Winston Churchill said democracy was the worst form of government–except for all the rest.

  12. And it was Thomas Jefferson who said “democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    Ritchie and the so-called progressives are certainly those who wish to take from the industrious and give to the indolent.

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