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Mark Serwotka tells us all that there is no room for cuts. Oh Noes There Ain\’t!

Today in Brighton more than 1,000 Public and Commercial Services Union representatives from across the UK will debate plans to launch a massive campaign of resistance against what we expect will be the deepest, most damaging public spending cuts since Margaret Thatcher sharpened her axe and laid waste to millions of people\’s livelihoods and the services they turned to for help.

On the side of the page is a Guardian public sector job ad:

Group Manager Community Cohesion

# Salary: £47,907 – £51,741

Join us and you\’ll head up a dedicated team of Community Development and Equalities and Diversity Officers who are working hard to bring diverse communities together. Drawing on your leadership skills, you\’ll equip and manage this team, measure their success and provide them with the training and motivation they need.

We\’ve a variety of projects currently underway, from supporting the strategic development of a thriving third sector locally, to preparing to transfer some of our community halls as assets to community associations. We are also consulting on a Single Equality Scheme for the Council with the range of equalities for a we commission.

Your role will be to oversee all of the above, while driving our service forward and achieving measurable success. Make no mistake, this role is more than just policy and commissioning, it\’s about influencing key stakeholders and developing innovative solutions to a unique set of challenges.

No room for cuts, eh?

11 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Call-me-Dave did say at some point that all Public Sector job adverts would go onto the web, thus cutting off the Oxygen to The Graun etc.

    Or was that another cast-iron promise? These things change so quickly…

  2. With the exception of the Police (inspectors and below), Education staff who actually work in schools, and those who work in hospitals, most of the rest of the public sector could go on strike for a year and no-one would care.

    Of course they would have to stop enforcing certain laws such as vehicle registration, planning permission and the like, since they would become impossible to comply with.

    Which would be a shame.

  3. The unions should get some real world historical perspective. Mrs Ts cuts were mostly in planned expenditure, not real exependiture.
    The current cuts required are in real expenditure.
    Also the problem is the huge deficit, which is adding to the national debt. The cost of not cutting or delaying the cuts, is a still higher national debt. The cost is further constraints in the future. And before they start blaming the banks, remember the cuts are mostly to eliminate the structural deficit built up in the boom years, made worse by unaffordable commitments made in the last year.

  4. You know, I don’t think a temporary recruitment freeze until the Social Conservatives have had a read through the books and come up with a new budget was too much to ask.

  5. I enjoyed the advertisement. Were they aware that “Make no mistake” was (amusingly) one of George Bush’s favourite locutions…

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