That settles that then

Monbiot on changing the electoral system:

Most encouragingly, some of the big environment groups – Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the New Economics Foundation – have joined the coalition, knowing that much of what they hope to achieve is impossible under the corrupt old system.

Electoral reform so that nef gets to run the country isn\’t really all that stirring a call, is it?

4 thoughts on “That settles that then”

  1. weird. They do know that UKIP and BNP will have more weight under PR than the Greens, don’t they?

  2. Apart from the general lowering the barriers to entry to new parties & ideas one advantage of PR would be that it would become significantly more difficult for the BBC to limit its coverage of small parties to the Greens (279,000 votes) & ignore UKIP (905,000) & BNP (557,000). A lowering of barriers does mean more space for those you disagree with as well as those you agree with but I think that with a level playing field the British people will prove sane.

  3. Perhaps the Greens figure that the major parties would be so terrified of the BNP and UKIP that they would be forced to invite the Greens into a coalition , with cabinet seats and the like.

    On the other hand maybe they get their political news from the BBC, and don’t realize how poor their numbers are.

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