The Old Boy has said some decent things

Barking Moonbat he* may be but he\’s spot on here:

\”In most countries in the world, it is still true that if you want to change your leaders you require a military coup, an insurrection or some other form of revolution or uprising. In this country, a little old lady, armed to the teeth with a stubby pencil can go into the polling booth and throw them all out.\”

Use what God didn\’t give you but your forebears wrest for you.

*The second Viscount Stansgate, not Our Bob. Sorta….

4 thoughts on “The Old Boy has said some decent things”

  1. Hear Hear,

    People should turn out, even if it is to write “none of the above”. Present yourself as a willing voter. Always.

    p.s. Tim, pls onpass my thoughts to Nigel. Unlike some delegating spineless dweebs, he had the cojones to get in that plane himself.

  2. My wife encountered a “a little old lady” at the polling station today, who complained about the lack of a lift from the parties. So my wife offered her a lift, and as they chatted the old dear said that she’d voted Conservative for the first time in her life because “Something Has To Be Done”. There you are: a datum.

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