There\’s fast and then there\’s fast….

As of this morning I cannot get onto The Guardian\’s site. All I get is the browser saying \”done\” and a blank page.

I knew that the Earl of Witney* had said that he was going to sort out these tedious lefties and socialists but that\’s pretty quick work, isn\’t it?

Were their finances so precarious that even the consideration of the shrinking of the State has led to bankruptcy through a fall off in advertising revenues? Has Polly\’s head finally explodied thereby taking out the entire newsroom? Are they in mourning?

The idea that it might just be a minor technical fault at either end is so unexciting as to not be worthy of consideration.

*Dave will be now that he\’s been PM.

4 thoughts on “There\’s fast and then there\’s fast….”

  1. What’s the joke with this ‘Earl of Witney’ thing?

    Btw, I’m not even sure you’re right. One of the agreements is an elected Lords, isn’t it? They’re hardly going to keep the honorifics if that’s the case.

    Tim adds: Well, now he’s PM I can hardly call him “The Boy Dave” any more can I?

    And an electrd Lords means no reason not to have hereditary titles……

  2. “And an elected Lords means no reason not to have hereditary titles……”

    No reason? Come on, ‘does not rule out’ I might allow, but if it’s not government sanctioned then it’s like you calling yourself the “Prince of Portugal”.

  3. Matthew:

    C’mon–if he ain’t the Prince of Portugal, then WhoTF is?

    Tim adds: I think, actually, that the Duke of Wellington is at least “a” Prince of Portugal. Or is it Marquis of Douro?

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