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This is interesting

Documents found that show that S Africa was thinking of buying nuclear warheads from Israel.

I\’m not sure how surprising that is but still.

Anyway, what to look out for now: people cliaming that this proves that Israel is acting illegally in having nuclear weapons….and the corollary, that if Israel has them then why can\’t Iran too?

This will of course be said somewhere in the wilder reaches of the net….for everything is said somewhere in such wilder corners. The question is, will it manage to reach the pages of CiF? Or even The Guardian?

Oh, perhaps I should explain what\’s actually wrong with the argument as well. Iran has signed the NPT promising not to develop nuclear weapons. Israel has not. So in developing nuclear weapons Iran would be acting illegally under international law, Israel not.

4 thoughts on “This is interesting”

  1. And in other news, sun rises in the east. Yawn.

    The co-op between Israel and S.A. back then has been common knowledge since forever.
    Looks like the usual opportunistic re-cycling for faux outrage purposes against those eeeeeviiiiilll Israelis.

  2. That whole argument is absurd, but oddly compelling to many, as if it was some inherent part of human dignity to have nuclear weapons, so that it is some sort of affront if Israel has them and Iran does not.

    Guess what? The American People don’t have nuclear weapons, the American Government does.

    It’s not about the inherent dignity as human beings of the Iranian People being lesser than that of Israelis or Americans or British, it’s about the fact that the Iranian government is run by a bunch of madmen.

  3. By all means argue that Iran should not have nuclear weapons because they are nutters, but appeals to legality via the the NPT is hypocritical as America is a signatory and publicly ignores it.

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