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At the ASI.

The effect of \’elf\’n\’safety  bureaucracy on workers\’ safety.

Not a lot actually.

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  1. It is very much worse than that. Regulators cost those regulated 20 time as much as they cost their employers so 200,000 regulators destroy the wealth produced by 4 million workers. Each 1% of foregone GNP costs 13,000 lives a year(everything from worse medical care to not being able to afford enough heating). So the elfin exec cost 234.360 preventable deaths each year – see http://a-place-to-stand.blogspot.com/2009/01/health-safety-executive-regulating-for.html

  2. “The effect of ‘elf’n’safety bureaucracy on workers’ safety.”

    I am reminded of that estimable Zulu derivation – fokol,

    meaning ‘very little’.

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