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At the ASI.

Why some places suck……some places have too much politics and not enough law.

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  1. On the ASI piece. As someone who’s spent a lot of time in similar areas, I wouldn’t have any beef with the excerpt you cite. But the conclusions you draw are a fairytale. So what are you saying? That all “politicians” (let’s, for the sake of argument, call these people “thugs”) are the same? And who is going to enforce and protect “the institution of laws on the protection and delineation of property rights” and rein in the “thugs?”

    I can provide the answer: it’s a thing called “government”. And who runs government? A group calling themselves “politicians.” So what are you saying? Take away politicians’ powers? Give more power to politicians?

    This is a thinking at its wooliest. Please re-work, until it at least makes sense.

    Tim adds: Umm, no, its courts and lawyers that enforce and protect the laws on property rights. And to a large extent, in a country which has a Common Law system, it’s them and precedents that made the laws as well.

    More power to the settled law and the courts and less power to politicians.

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