Why the mobile phone industry will collapse

Mobile phone number 0888 888 888 is suspended after every user assigned to it DIES

OK, so this is about a number that seems to have been handed on to various Bulgarian Mafia types as each one in turn was assassinated…which could lead to some interesting calls from those who haven\’t been following the Death Pool really.

But this will, if it catches on, be the end of the mobile phone industry. For of course everyone with a mobile phone does die eventually, just as everyone without one does, meaning that at some point there will be no more numbers available and that\’s the end of that industry then.

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  1. This is the survivor bias, (or perhaps not in this case).

    There are about 7 million people in Bulgaria. Assume everyone has a mobile phone.

    If 2% of the population dies each year, thats 140,000 people.

    Their numbers get reused by 140,000 others.
    Of these 2,800 people will die within a year.

    2,800 numbers then get recycled. Of the new users, 56 die within a year.

    Thus if everyone has a mobile phone, all the numbers get recycled and a random 2% of the populace die each year, then this one in a million chance actually happens more than 50 times every year.

    Ok so the assumptions are a little dodgy, but its not such an amazing story really is it.

  2. i saw the tagline, but not the number till now. In Hong Kong that would be the luckiest and most desirable number possible (all 8’s). Is that so in Bulgaria? Or among the Bulgarian mob? Who knows. But it seems likely to be chosen or bought as a cool number, and so not at all random. Anyway the point wasn’t everyone dies, it was that these guys had died within an improbably short number of years.

  3. I suspect the real reason is that because it is a special number it will attract a certain type of person who lives a risky life. This is based on the assumption that number is being sold on to the next person and not just being allocated at random.

  4. Cultural trivia: here in Thailand, it’s all nines that kills you. It must be true, I saw it in a movie.

  5. “at some point there will be no more numbers available…”

    I have an idea!!!!!!

    Add 1 to the last number and get another!!!!!

    Jeez Tim, what you been smoking?

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