Why we need unions

Absolutely, essential, oh yes.

As an example of intransigent work rules, one source pointed to a clause in the union contract that would prevent a busboy from being asked to perform other duties, such as unloading produce from a delivery truck.

The source also said the union — not management — would get to determine how many waiters work a particular shift.

Far better that the restaurant not exist than that a union not have such powers.

As has happened, the restaurant does not exist as the union demanded such powers.

2 thoughts on “Why we need unions”

  1. The current irrational, attention-seeking behaviour of Unite in the dispute with BA is enough evidence for anyone who can think straight to realise that unions are a danger to workers not a support.

  2. JohnRS,

    The only ones that I’ve seen work are internal staff unions/associations. They’re not springboards to a political career and seem to take quite a common sense approach to employer relations. Mostly, in areas like giving people legal advice or in disciplinary situations.

    The trouble with large trade unions is that they often have people in them for whom it’s a step on a political ladder. Strikes play well with the activists – far more than reaching a sensible settlement that keeps a company and the workers in jobs.

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