Woo Hoo!

Ritchie is now bringing out \”Economic Briefings\”.

The first one is on the Washington Consensus. Let\’s say it\’s, well, let\’s just say it\’s amusing.

Almost as amusing as Ritchie issuing \”economics briefings\”.

3 thoughts on “Woo Hoo!”

  1. Mr Murphy comes through pretty strongly on this,though as he has omitted any reference to the dominant consensus’s use of continually rising house prices to placate the over-mortgaged masses while forcing them to work ever harder to stay still- but he has n’t got a clue about land tax so he undermines his own argument,as per usual.
    BTW the headline raised false expectations of big treated to the Rockateens’ rockabilly classic or even Blur’s more efficiently played Woo Hoo which is actually called Song 2.Old men like me do not cope well with disappointment.

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