Your wondrous economic statistic of the day

In fact, it turns out that in real terms the bottom 25% are now considerably richer than were the top 25% in 1961.

What\’s that, 50 years….generation and a half perhaps?

The poor are now rich.

This capitalism thing\’s a bit of alright, innit?

4 thoughts on “Your wondrous economic statistic of the day”

  1. It doesn’t show that, it shows that at the 25% level people are richer than those at the 75% level.

  2. You sure its not Keynesian increases in money supply are responsible?Not exactly market-driven. We would be back in the 1930’s if the markets ,especially the financial markets had had their way with the Recession which was diving more steeply than the onset of the Depresssion.As it is a lot of the cheap money is disappearing into inflated house prices.See The Local website for news of Sweden,the wonder economy,according to Mr W ,which is enacting a common or garden British style house price ramp so beloved by highly trained Oxbridge “economists”.

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