And now with added Catholicism

No, really:

The Blues Brothers have received an endorsement from the unlikeliest of quarters – the Vatican.

When you think about it they\’re right too. Despite the faults of the Church on Earth, the Brothers, Jake and Elwood, act as if that Church is indeed their family. And they ignore the secular authorities, indeed strive against them, in order to aid that Church. The true Church, not just the fallible one here.

If we can sing and dance to Praise the Lord, are we not Praising the Lord by singing and dancing?

Tim Aquinas…Tom\’s lesser known younger brother.

Or, in short: Shake Your Tailfeather:

Benny XVI

5 thoughts on “And now with added Catholicism”

  1. If JB had been our local preacher, I’d have been in church every day.

    Extra points for spotting Chaka Khan in the choir, BTW.

    Tim adds: That’s always one of the joys of a John Landis film….spotting the bit parts. The Blues Brothers Band is essentially Booker T and the MGs (or the Stax house band…Steve Cropper, the guitarist with the beard wrote Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay with Otis Redding for example), the county tax clerk at the end is Steven Spielberg, the guy doing “the swim” on the table in the closing scene to Jailhouse Rock is Joe Walsh, Chaka Khan in the choir…..

  2. And the guy who says “they broke my watch” while their police car is sliding along upside down is … John Landis.

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