Best book blurb evah!

\”In my opinion it is a grand book…. Morally and philosophically I find myself in agreement with virtually the whole of it; and not only in agreement with it, but deeply moved agreement.\”

John Maynard Keynes.

Now, before you peek, guess which book?

7 thoughts on “Best book blurb evah!”

  1. Since my copy of Serfie carries the quotation on its back cover, this was not a very testing question. But it does, perhaps, remind everyone of the difference between Keynesian Economics and the Economics of Mr Keynes.

  2. Don’t worry, LO. The one time I tried to quiz a Distinguished Economist about Keynes, it became all too clear that he’d not read the General Theory.

    P.S. The Constitution of Liberty is pretty good.

  3. most of what we call keynesianism came from the fake maths of Hicks and co well after Keynes was dead…and then the useless Labour peers Kaldor and Peston came in to destroy the intellectual rigour with even more fake maths. It is comparable to marxism…what we think of as marxism tends to be distillations by Lenin and other epigoni made for specific political purposes

  4. I’ve heard The Constitution of Liberty is very good actually. But sadly my reading list grows more quickly than my capacity to read it.

    There’s Keynes, Keynsians, New Keynsians, neo-Keynesians, etc. its a hodge-podge.

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