Don\’t raise taxes says the TUC (and Ritchie?)

So, a new paper from the TUC. Written, I suspect, by our favourite retired accountant.

There\’s the usual blather about an entirely unimportant hobby horse. The no VAT on packages under £18 from the Channel Islands…..this is 0.1% of the VAT tax take, even on their figures, and 0.02% of the total tax take. Rounding errors really.

But this is cheering:

\”At present we argue that there is no economic justification for…tax increases….\”

Excellent, so, perhaps Ricthis would like to stop plotting all those wonderful tax increases he has up his sleeves then?

2 thoughts on “Don\’t raise taxes says the TUC (and Ritchie?)”

  1. sorry Tim but it is simply not at all credible that Ritchie did not advocate raising taxes… try harder next time

  2. that dumb-sh*t retard believes that raising taxes on the rich (broadly defined, anyone who makes more than $150k) is not really a tax increase. Same to any tax raised by closing legal tax avoidance.

    Maybe attending Economics 101 in freshman year could have have been a good idea after all.

    Village idiot

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