Everything old is new again

Middle aged economist reads article on how to nap.

When, of course, middle aged economist should in fact read middle aged monarch on how to nap.

As Charles V pointed out.

In order to have a successful siesta, one will require one throne, one castle and one castle key. Place oneself upon the throne inside the castle and hold the castle key in one\’s left hand.

Fall asleep.

As one falls into a deep sleep one\’s left hand will relax, dropping the large and heavy castle key onto the stone floor of the castle, thus waking one.

This process will take 15 to 20 minutes which is exactly the time required for a refreshing siesta.

If one is sadly bereft of thrones, castles or castle keys (although who really is without at least one of each of these essentials), no doubt a suitably innovative mind could create substitutes.

3 thoughts on “Everything old is new again”

  1. I seem to recall that Salvador Dali placed a tea tray with cutlery on his knee to wake him from his naps.

  2. dearieme, given that he was born in what we now call Belgium, I expect that some form of German was what he used

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