Oh good grief Polly.

If the Tories were really brave, they could end the drug prohibition that is so costly in cash and lives. The previous government\’s strategy unit estimated that current drugs policy costs £20m – £15m of that in crime, courts and prisons. Some 40% of prisoners committed crimes to support their habit; 95% of street prostitution and 80% of shoplifting is due to addiction. Medicalising drug addiction – prescribing drugs – might not reduce the number of users, but it would cut the crime caused by drugs. Afghanistan will not be resolved for as long as western prohibition gives drug warlords more power than any elected government. Labour\’s shamelessly opportunistic drug policy started with a drugs tsar who promised to cut drug use in half, and naturally failed. It ended with the resignation of Professor Nutt over crass abuse of evidence. Can this government be more rational?

Even when she managwes to be absolutely and perfectly spot on on the policy issue (as we at the ASI have been screaming for years, of course) she manages to be sloppy on the journalism.

It\’s £20 billion, not £20 million.

4 thoughts on “Facepalm”

  1. As if we didn’t already know why she kept failing her exams as a wee, I beg your pardon, a young girl.

  2. how bout the price /cost of state sanctioned drug addiction..
    tho I can imagine that to get your daily dose of drugs, there will be a cost to the druggie ,regardless

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