Grimly, blackly, amusing

Among contacts in Russia it\’s not unusual to find anti-semitism of a raw and visceral nature. The sort of stuff that would have had Moseley saying \”I say, hang on a moment\” in fact.

Certainly, there\’s enough who would blame all of Russia\’s ills upon the Jews. And it turns out they\’re right:

Cities that experienced the Holocaust most intensely have grown less, and cities as well as administrative districts (oblasts) where the Holocaust had the largest impact have worse economic and political outcomes since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

…Before World War II, Russian Jews were predominantly in white collar (middle class) occupations and the Holocaust appears to have had a large negative effect on the size of the middle class after the war.

The problem being that there aren\’t enough of them.

7 thoughts on “Grimly, blackly, amusing”

  1. You’d be wrong to think Russians were especially prejudiced against Jews, though. They seem to hold obnoxious, xenophobic, and crudely stereotyped views about pretty much everybody.

  2. I do not see it as being an issue of Jews directly.

    Take two towns. Destroy a significant minority of the white collar/intellectual population of one and leave the other intact and what else do you expect to happen?

    Poland suffered eradication of Poles in similar positions by the Soviets. Not an issue of Jews or Poles, just an eradication of a knowledge base and inter-generational cultural expectations.

  3. It shouldn’t have had such an effect two generations later, though.
    Another factor is emigration of Russian Jews after the fall of the USSR. If they came from the same areas, then the effect of loss of a middle-class outlook is more recent.
    Maybe too many factors need to be checked before a rush to judgement on this one.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    I can see how they would spin this down Moscow way – Russia’s poverty is the fault of those damn Jews who let themselves get gassed!

    I have always argued that the Asian Currency Crisis affected countries in direct proportion to the way they treated their Chinese minorities.

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