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I don’t see why the British lower classes deserve part of the wealth created by the City, merely because their homes are located closer to the City than those of Swedish workers.

Why do they?

6 thoughts on “Interesting thought”

  1. It isn’t “deserved”.
    But it is a fact.
    And it’s caused by a buoyant labour market and a higher value for sterling.
    So therefore said workers don’t resent the City.
    Social harmony – what’s not to like?

  2. Locke why do you think that the working classes could crack anybodies head. Have you seen them- bloated with fat.
    The city folk are all too often lean and mean. Apart from being quite able to recruit some heavies to their cause.

  3. Well, how about because 90% of the 240,000 members of the military – that have agreed to personal injury up to and including death – come from those working classes?

    While there is no such thing as society, there is still such a thing as nation.

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