Is it \’coz I is a neo-liberal?

Ritchie\’s throwing his toys out of the pram again over comments on his blog:

This blog is suffering another bout of comments from the fringes the political right wing. These people, who call themselves libertarian but whose whole object is to subject others to abuse, loss and poverty in pursuit of their own desire for wealth and power, present an agenda which is, thankfully, far beyond the bounds of political credibility in the UK.

Yes, he really does mean me .

And my being beyond the bounds of political credibility in the UK is a touch harsh: there\’s very little that I either say or believe that couldn\’t come straight from the lips of some Orange Booker. Perhaps the only major area of disagreement would be over the EU.

You know, like the new Business Secretary, new Deputy Prime Minister, new Environment Secretary, new Minister of State for Pensions and even our last but one Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Which is an interesting definition of beyond the bounds of political credibility really (even though I too have trouble remembering that we\’ve actually got Lib Dems in the Cabinet now….I can just about remember when the jokes about getting all of their MPs in a cab were actually true).

So we shall just have to continue reporting and commenting upon our favourite retired accountant from afar then as comments there from the likes of us will simply be deleted.

Yes, I know, this obsession is perhaps unhealthy: a little like poking the special child at school with a stick to see if his brains really will run out his ears when he loses it. They never actually did but I still have high hopes….

8 thoughts on “Is it \’coz I is a neo-liberal?”

  1. Keep poking away. A man who aspires to political influence deserves to be scrutinised.

    Besides, there’s no doubt that your debates are pretty entertaining, and informative too. Not sure why he gets in such a lather. Long may your special relationship continue!

  2. Charles, agreed. If he was just a pundit, it wouldn’t count for much. But the fact he is trying to claw his way into Christian Aid, the union movement and to get a slot in the Guardian and (especially) the BBC makes him very fair game.

    The lather he gets himself into is 99% of the fun.

    Is he mainstream? Well, he did vote for the current government.

  3. Seems like he can’t take criticism. Probably means that he can’t argue his case sufficiently to say why his view is right.

  4. jesus…the guy cannot even cook dinner…makes his wife do it and passes himself as non-sexist…WGCE

  5. “Seems like he can’t take criticism.”

    Hazlitt made much the same criticism of Cobbett.

    Just sayin’…

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