It\’s the way they tell \’em

The TUC:

More substantively, this initiative takes the seed of a good idea and then denudes it of integrity. Anyone who has worked in our public services knows that it’s the people who deliver those services who often know how best those services could be delivered. It’s the hospital porters, local government admin workers and classroom assistants, who have the best ideas for delivering public services effectively and efficiently.

But tapping into that potential well of expertise needs more than a web-site and an e-mail form. Real innovation requires a commitment to working in partnership –public sector workers, union reps and local managers sitting down to think about how best they can deliver services to the benefit of service users, the  wider community and those delivering the service alike.

So, we agree that it\’s the people who actually do things who know best how things might be done.

But heaven forfend that you propose to go and ask them: nooooo, absolutely not, this should be filtered through the priestly caste.


2 thoughts on “It\’s the way they tell \’em”

  1. If they “know how best”, why, then, do they have to “sit down and think” about it?

    They should already know. The anecdotes should be out there. The beauty of the market is it allows all the views, good and bad, to be counted and measured. It prevents the filtering and…VESTED INTERESTS.

    Would a Union ever ever ever countenance a cut in workforce irrespective of the benefits to the service they provide?

  2. “this should be filtered through the priestly caste”

    ….for quite reasonable fees of course; dues from the members, Trade Union Modernisation Fund from the taxpayer.


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