Knee jerk government reaction coming soon

The trigger for killing spree: quiet envy of a brother

Families cause killings eh?

Better ban them.

8 thoughts on “Knee jerk government reaction coming soon”

  1. I thought we had or nearly have. Single parents is a start when we get to no parents then the ultimate goal will have been reached. Sounds daft? Nope still have children but as soon as they are born dump them on the state to bring them up, it is pretty much like that now anyway.

  2. I preferred it when they were blaming HMRC for hounding him over unpaid taxes. It was delicious timing in the week Ritchie launched his pathetic “The Joy of Tax” poster series.

  3. The real problem was caused by his driving around: if he’d been on foot he’d have been caught in no time. So reserve cars for the police only.

  4. Tim, are you still looking for any and all sources of cadmium? Lots of McDonald’s promotional cups going cheap.

    Tim adds: usual SOAS reaction. No, I don’t deal with Cd…..different element from my favourite metal. That there are only 90 of them, that they are different, is the sort of detail that the SOAS econ dept misses.

  5. Ban pedestrians in case a lawer-hating, tax-owing motorist drives by. Oh, that’s most of us….

  6. A chef has just been convicted of killing his wife with a cast-iron pan, putting her in a freezer and then dumping her body in a wheelie bin.

    Ergo license all chefs and put them on a register (they often like knives as well!!!!), ban cast iron cookware, force all those who own a freezer to get a license and be subjected to six monthly audits of the contents. All wheelie bins must now be transparent.

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