Laurie Penny talks about the World Cup

Who cares about a bunch of misogynist jocks tossing a ball around? Football is commidified nationalism that excludes more than half the population.

Not only is it typically humourless she seems not to know that Scotland didn\’t qualify….

9 thoughts on “Laurie Penny talks about the World Cup”

  1. I know we ddn’t qualify, hence the SNP T-Shirts (Scotland Not Playing) that are abundant. But WTF is ‘commidified’ ? I tried Google and that just became confused and assumed I’d spelled it incorrectly.

    Tim adds: We’re fine with insulting, even assaulting, people for their ideas around here but not for their looks or genes. So this comment has been edited.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Unless I have forgotten how to play the game, you don’t toss the ball either. That would be Rugby, the game played in Heaven. You kick it in the other code, no?

    And is she asserting that no women are interested in football? I admit it may be a minority but they are there. My current squeeze is following closely.

  3. Who cares about a exhibitionist tart tossing random words around? NS Journos are communist nihilists who exclude more than 98% of the population.

  4. View from the Solent is right. A jock is an athlete in the US of A (and, apparently, among some British lefties who want to prove they’re hip to the happening scene there, daddy-o.) A Jock is a Scotchman. I expect your favourite retired accountant will use this egregious error to prove that you know nothing about tax incidence.

    Tim adds: Umm, Jock, jock, yes, I know the difference. This is what is known as a pune, a play upon words, as Sir Pterry puts it…..

  5. Ah, so what it proves is that jokes, like footballing Jocks, have been known to fall flat on their arses.

  6. Chris, it’s a bloody good thing that a Scot, or Scotsman, is neither a “Jock” or a “Scotchman”, or I’d be plenty pissed right now. But then what can you really expect from a country full of closet Morris Dancers? 😉 And speaking of falling flat…

    Erse? (Falling flat on his ‘erse’, geddit?) Try this:

    …was my very first result. Way to fail at Google, mate. Or way to succeed at deliberately making yourself look un-intellectual in order to fit in with popular opinion. Nice one either way.

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