Lordy Lean, you\’re still wrong!

Renewable energy typically employs at least three times as many people per dollar invested as fossil fuels

You continually trot out this point as if it\’s a benefit.

When, of course, jobs are a cost, not a benefit, of such plans.

Get with reality can\’t you? Having more people producing energy means that we have fewer people available to produce everything else….making us poorer.

4 thoughts on “Lordy Lean, you\’re still wrong!”

  1. So the only winners are those who have the cheapest labour costs. So that will be Asia then.

    Tim adds: Well, sorta. But labour costs are not just what do you pay people. It’s what do you get for what you pay. Productivity, not just wages. How many units of production do you get for how many units of wages paid out?

    And when average productivity in Asia is the same as average productivity elsewhere then average wages in Asia will be the same as elsewhere. And yes, Asian wages will rise to elsewhere’s levels, not others decline to Asian levels.

  2. It seems obvious to me- since its just history- that “green jobs”, i.e those not Dependant on the use of coal or oil will be vastly more numerous than non green jobs. After all, it takes vastly more men to shift 40 tonne of stuff without a lorry than it takes with one. The problem appears to me not the number of jobs, but the fact that this team of coolies will have to get by on the lorry drivers wage- between them. Of course, the use of horses/ oxen would improve this-maybe the drivers could get one twentieth of a modern lorry driver’s wage if they used horse drawn carts.
    More jobs doesn’t necessarily mean an improvement for anyone.

  3. If austerity measures are to be introduced here, in Europe and eventually in the USA , even Obama will be faced with reality at some point, wont labour costs fall including unit costs? So the parity with lower labour cost countries will arrive much sooner. Apart from which times ahead for developed countries are going to be a lot worse than most anticipate as standards of living fall dramatically, further recession is inevitable (better now, even better earlier instead of pumping all that unearned money into bailouts, subsidies and QE. Only postponing the inevitable and making a bad situation many times worse and turning pain into agony, a double dip would have been avoided. It would have just been a single dip longer and deeper than it was but at the end a fitter leaner western society, with the nanny state and welfare dependency gone. The same will happen but instead of getting it done with one sharp painful shock like a tooth extraction it will now be a slow painful illness that may be terminal). I foresee the likelihood that going green and renewables are going to come off the agenda as pragmatic common sense replaces ideological claptrap as economic reality remind people that going green is not affordable, China a growing economy recognises that and is not having any of it. It pays lip service to the idea but that is purely a PR exercise.

  4. “even Obama will be faced with reality at some point”
    Yes, just as soon as he is out of office.

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