Markets providing signals

Someone working for the Great Beast of retail tells me that the word’s gone out for people who fancy a bit of overtime to come in early Wednesday evening and take all the tat and bunting down: every bit of it, from deely boppers to vuvuzelas, though I suppose all those crappy t-shirts will be marked down for sale as fuel for the bonfires on which effigies of the traitor Rooney will be burned.

The Great Beast being Tesco\’s of course.

4 thoughts on “Markets providing signals”

  1. “the traitor Rooney “: what, they already know he’ll be sent off? That assumes he’ll be fielded.

  2. I am no football fan but did watch the match last Friday. I thought Rooney and Heskey played well but were not supported by the rest of the bunch. What irritated most was the England team forever passing backwards.

  3. Despite having attended a couple of matches (well it’s rude to turn down box seats with booze, food and wenches on tap) I have yet to torture myself by watching Ingerlund embarrass the nation yet again.

    That being said, Ma Remittance reports that from the usual excessive displays of white and red bunting during the lead up to the tournament, her local high street now bares nary a single example of the old St George’s cross. I’m guessing by Wednesday there won’t be any at all.

    Still, I am rather annoyed with Tescos. By importing all those vuvuzelas teyve deprived me of my best ever christmas present plan – one by genuine SA vuvu per cousin under six for the whole family. It had all the makings of a christmas row to remember 🙂

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