Miserable cheapskate fu……s

One of the inevitabilities of living in a poor rural area is that those around you have the poor rural attitude to animals. Either they work or they don\’t exist.

One of the inevitabilities of living in a poor rural area where some of the urban areas are getting richer is that even that curt but fair attitude to animals has waned: only the curt is left.

If the farmers (or more accurately, and without the perjorative overtones this word has in English, the peasants) around here have too many puppies or kittens then they drown them.

The townies abandon them in the public rubbish bins. Alive. As the three kittens I just found were.

In a plastic bag with a little bit of water.

When I\’m walking three dogs (one rescued from just such a binly fate 6 months ago) we\’re going to find these interesting little packages of course.

And what I\’d like to say to my fellow animal owners around here is:

Grow a pair you miserable fucks.

No animals don\’t have rights but we do have duties towards them. And those duties include, if you don\’t want them, having the balls to kill them.

As you didn\’t and as has now happened.

Kittens a few hours old (umbilical cords still attached) and hypothermic won\’t last long, this is true. A few hours at most. But why do I have to clear up your mess?

I agree that I\’m such a townie that I had to have the vet deal with them, way too squeamish to drown them myself.

But I didn\’t leave them to die in a rubbish bin either and you did.


6 thoughts on “Miserable cheapskate fu……s”

  1. I have many blogs in my feed where that word is in frequent use.

    Your blog is not one of them.

    Its use here was entirely apposite, and I applaud it.

  2. I agree, it’s an outrageous way to treat tiny helpless harmless critters.

    I think we have become much more callously cruel than we were back in the fifties and sixties.

  3. You talking about Portugal?Cruelty to animals is not the norm in the UK ; more of an aberration.

  4. Re domestic animals: We are their gods. We decide whether they are born, how they live, and when they die. Gods have responsibilities – we’ve forgot that.

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