New TUC report

About how we really shouldn\’t be having public sector cuts (you know, no job losses among those the TUC represents: make some other bastard pay, not our members) containing this lovely little line:

Asking workers to do ‘more with less’ might sound like a good idea, but in
practice less spending means increased workloads, more stress, low morale and
poorer quality services.

It\’s as if they\’ve never heard of total factor productivity. You know, this thing that says that the entire history of human civilisation is based upon the evidence that we can indeed produce more with less. In the range of 1-1.5% each and every year for the past couple of centuries actually.

So, we can blow them off as know nothing shills then, can\’t we?

2 thoughts on “New TUC report”

  1. Yes but, one way some corporates work is by eliminating capital spend they literally expect some workers to do “more with less” without considering if that will actually increase productivity. The characterisation is true for a certain subset of firms.

    I’ve worked for at least one in that category (not for long mind you).

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