Observer editorial on BP

These people do infuriate at times:

Businesses, including BP, have the financial firepower to lead the green energy agenda and at the same time secure their own long-term economic gain.

Why do these nutters think that BP should be doing green energy?

BP is one of the great concentrations of a certain set of talents on the globe. Those talents are about the locating of, drilling for and transportation and refining of oil.

These talents are not transferable to windmills, fuel cells, tide machines, solar cells, electricity generation, electricity grids or any of the other renewable thingies we may desire or need.

Saying that because BP is in energy they must be in renewables is like saying that Airbus should make cars: it\’s all transport, innit? Or BT should run language courses: it\’s all communication, eh?

If we no longer need oil, thus no longer need the collection of expertise about oil which is what makes BP special, then we no longer need BP.

OK, bye bye then!

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  1. BP does actually have a renewable/ alternative energy division. From memory they have one of the biggest wind farms in the USA. So they are branching out and looking at alternatives. That aside, I agree with Tim’s post.

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