Oddities of British life

Miss Sanderson, who runs an academy in North London for young athletes, has the right to marry at St Paul’s because she was awarded a CBE in 2004. She told Hello!: ‘Dens and I had talked about it and I said, “It’s such a tremendous honour, so let’s exercise our right and do it.”

If you have the CBE you can marry in St Paul\’s Cathedral?

(Umm, it\’s not \”have\” or \”awarded\” is it? It\’s appointed isn\’t it?)

So is there a list somewhere of the perks that you get for the various honours? KG means you can marry in Windsor Chapel? MBE means a minor Royal turns up to throw confetti?

I know MP means you can use the House of Commons Chapel, but anyone know of others?

9 thoughts on “Oddities of British life”

  1. Whilst I haven’t got my Burke’s Peerage on hand to confirm this, I believe that if you are a member of the Order of the Garter, you can demand that the Queen gives you a handjob on your stag night.

    Tim adds: Can’t help feeling that’s a slightly odd one: given the preponderance of Kings rather than Queens as the reigning Monarch in our history. Or maybe currently it’s Phillip who has to oblige?

  2. Oddities of British life indeed: the school captain of the public school I went to was allowed to smoke a pipe, grow a beard, and keep a goat in the quadrant.

    Tim adds: At mine he could have a beard (or was it mustache?) and a car.

  3. “Quadrant”? Surey “quadrangle”?
    “Mustache”? “Surely “moustache”?
    Why do people called Tim slip into Americanisms?

    One Tim adds: One Tim has spent some 6 years of his life living in America….and writes regularly for American outlets. Thus inevitable americanisms…..

  4. If you get baptised by the Archbishop of York (and he does the open air thing every Easter – he does all comers), you are eligible to marry in York Minster. Apparently.

  5. would rather watch Tessa Sanderson get married in a low-cut gown than a vacuous airhead like Diana Spencer

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