Oh, well done, well done!

Now the Soil Association, Friends of the Earth, GM Watch and two other non-Governmental organisations have written to the FSA in support of Prof Wynne.

In a letter to Lord Jeffrey Rooker, Chairman of the FSA, they complained that the dialogue is a \”silly waste of money\”.

\”As public interest groups who oppose the use of expensive, unproven and environmentally and socially damaging GM technology in farming and food, we do not intend to have anything to do with your GM assessment, and this £500,000 waste of public money, and we will encourage our supporters and others to avoid giving any spurious legitimacy to this exercise,\” it reads.

Since we\’re worried that you might actually dismiss our spurious claims we\’ve decided to pick up our ball and go home.

So Ner ner neh ner ner.

1 thought on “Oh, well done, well done!”

  1. I always think the Soil Association sounds better in the original German: Bodensverbindung. After all, we must protect our precious soil from corruption by degenerate foreign forces.

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