On NHS psychiatric policies

Bird is then believed to have sought medical help at a local hospital for his fragile mental state, only to be turned away.

Oh Aye?

11 thoughts on “On NHS psychiatric policies”

  1. The blaming and scapegoating starts today! Expect to see many hobby horses mounted and ridden all over the media in the next few days.

    Bonus points for anyone who finds an article linking it to global warming…

  2. I’ve just started reading the Spirit Level Delusion – expect to see misinformed articles and capitalism and inequality.

    Radio 5 Live phone-in: Do we need more gun control? As if banning hand guns has worked in London!

    And the classic comment the radio “Why does a taxi driver driver need guns anyway?” More metropolitan ignorance. Don’t they know that in the countryside people go and help farmers keep pests like foxes under control?

  3. Since very employee at that hospital will be aware that the man killed himself, they will lie their heads off knowing that he can’t gainsay them.

  4. I have been there got the T shirt. Once when I had a stroke I nearly got kicked out of A&E by this dragon reception nurse insisting I was drunk not sick at all. She repeatedly interfered whilst I was being examined by the doctor so much so that the doctor was convinced I was drunk as well. Fortunately another doctor appeared who had me quickly admitted no doubt saving my life. So it does not surprise me that this man was turned away he probably got no further than the reception desk.

  5. “Why does a taxi driver driver need guns anyway?”

    Why shouldn’t an apparently law-abiding and rational person* NOT own guns?

    I see no body is mentioning the various recent episodes of mass slaughter in China – could that be because guns are banned in the Middle Kingdom and the perpetratorswere forced to use knives instead?

    *Both things I would imagine Bird was the last time he renewed his licences.

  6. The Great Simpleton,

    I wonder how many of those Guardian readers who said that we could ban hunting with hounds and shoot foxes instead are now supporting a shotgun ban?

    Tim adds: Not that you shoot foxes with a shotgun of course. Never get close enough to them. .22 usually I think?

  7. The scope seems to have been redundant – he was shooting people at a few yards distance.

  8. Was there an evidence that he had some psychiatric condition which was susceptible to treatment? If not, then no treatment necessary. It’s astonishing the extent to which the British public strives to medicalise life’s problems. Before I retired from psychiatry we were inundated with requests to treat people who were unhappy, had a bad temper, or beat up their wives. If you don’t admit me to hospital, I’ll kill myself – that’s the commonest ploy.

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