On turning criminals into useful and productive members of society

Another, Dr. Reefer — it’s the name of the dispensary and the trade name of the owner — is proudly ramshackle, in part because it hasn’t been thoroughly renovated since a restaurant moved off the premises.

“This used to be a hot dog place called What’s Up Dog and my place was in the basement,” says Pierre Werner, Dr. Reefer himself. “When What’s Up Dog closed, I moved in the very next day, and I’ve been open every day since.”

Mr. Werner, for the record, is not actually a doctor. Rather, as he puts it with a note of pride and defiance, he’s a “three-time convicted felon for possession of marijuana with intent to sell.” That history, as well as his habit of standing near the side of the road and waving a huge Dr. Reefer sign at passing cars while shouting “come get your meds,” makes other dispensary owners, not to mention some local politicians, wince.

1 thought on “On turning criminals into useful and productive members of society”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    They really had a restaurant called “What’s Up Dog” that didn’t sell Korean food?

    I am confused why anyone would think this man was a fine upstanding citizen. Someone correct me but isn’t he still the same drug pusher he always was it is just that now he won’t get a felony conviction? Still selling on street corners I see. How is he any more useful or productive than he always was? Or not as the case may be.

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