Only Ritchie could say this

The man\’s sure up on his British political history, ain\’t he?

Before the election it amazed me that some from the same Manchester School of economics- like Giles Wilkes of Centre Forum were being called “progressives”. He wasn’t – he’s now a ConDem adviser. The positions are simply irreconcilable – and I bet he’s loving every minute of all the cutting he’s no doubt relishing.

As I suspect Clegg is.

These people infiltrated the Lib Dems better than the Trots (thankfully) ever did Labour.


Sure, OK, disagree with Manchester and all that but to call adherents of Manchester Liberalism infiltrators into the Liberal Democratic Party is showing the historical awareness of a wet cod.

Our favourite retired accountant does know that Cobden and Bright were founders of both, no?

3 thoughts on “Only Ritchie could say this”

  1. If this idiot had ever read anything by Wilkes (another idiot, in my opinion) he’d have seen that he’s most unlikely to relish any cuts (which is why he, Wilkes, is, in my opinion, also an idiot).

  2. Indeed. The irony is that it is Murphy’s favoured wing of the Lib Dems, the ‘progressives’ and social democrats, who are the real entryists with regard to the Liberals.

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