Politician in living up to his ideals shocker!

One of the most annoying, indeed enraging, things about politicians is their habit of speaking with forked tongue. You know, lying. Saying one thing and doing another.

So, let us all praise Chris Huhne:

ENERGY Secretary Chris Huhne is leaving his wife of 26 years after confessing to an affair, the News of the World can reveal.

The Lib Dems are social liberals, aren\’t they?

2 thoughts on “Politician in living up to his ideals shocker!”

  1. ‘cept, according to evidence at Guido’s site, he did use his lovely wife and darling children to help him get elected.

    I’ve always said I’d vote for a chap who is open about his enthusiasm for rogering fillies, even out of wedlock, long before I give the lad who pimps his wife and kids to demonstrate his “clean family man” credentials my X of approval.

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