Ritchie on t\’budget

This gamble will fail. Give it three years and, as I predicted on Radio 2 today, we\’ll be seeing unemployment at 4 million, almost no cut in the deficit and the coalition government a distant memory after its chaotic disintegration as backbenchers fled its ranks. Furthermore, a new government will be announcing a budget to tackle the mess that George Osborne has left.

Well, there we go, a firm and testable prediction.

Shall we all come back 22 June 2013 and see how well Richard\’s knowledge of economics stands up?

14 thoughts on “Ritchie on t\’budget”

  1. I’d be interested as to what policies he imagines this future chancellor will be able to call on to ‘tackle the mess’.

  2. This budget has all the ingredients that is needed to put the economy back on track. It may fail not because it has flaws but like everything in life it needs a certain amount of luck. The luck it needs is that the Eurozone does not collapse or retreat back into recession(quite possible) and or the public sector employees do not scupper it with long damaging strikes (Royal Mail will certainly cause mayhem over part privatisation) and that the coalition hangs together when the going gets tough (which it will next year, especially when the public forget why this tough budget was necessary and start questioning it).

  3. Can we get him to offer decent odds on his forecast?

    I’ll have £20 on him being wrong (as usual)!!

  4. Of course, if he’s right, or worse, then you will of course be coming fully clean, won’t you?

    Hmm, let me just mark this in my diary . . . 22 June 2013

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