Soccer question about Maradona

Ok, yes, it\’s all very early. But. umm…

Has anyone, ever, once won the World Cup as either player or captain…..and then won it again as coach?

Modern period I mean?

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  1. The Pedant-General

    Except it was Brazil that had the epic – double – hand ball.

    Hey all these two bit Latin American countries seem the same to me. 😛

  2. Zagallo (’58, ’70) and Beckenbauer (’74, ’90’).

    Beckenbauer is unique in not only having won separate World Cup finals as player and coach, but also to have lost separate finals in each capacity as well (’66, ’86).

  3. as either player or captain

    More importantly, has anyone ever been a captain without being a player? Polly, give Tim his blog back ~ this is painful. 😉

  4. Good lord, it’s professional football – being capatain doesn’t matter anyway. Cricket it ain’t.

  5. ‘Good lord, it’s professional football – being capatain doesn’t matter anyway.’

    Well, what if you want to be a tight head prop for Manchester United? Or play in goal for Harlequins?

  6. Dunga (the Brazil Coach) also has the chance to do it at this World Cup having won it as Brazil captain in 1994.

  7. Of course, there are circles in which the question of whether Beckenbauer is unique in having played in a World Cup Final which he lost 2-2 is still an open one – but let’s not be churlish.

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