This might just work you know

And then again it might not. Depends upon how much viral attention it gets.

In concept it\’s a little like that bloke who sold a million pixels on his site? But here it\’s you bid to get your banner ad to the top of the queue ….once the queue reaches a few hundred or thousand banner ads then of course there\’s going to be a very decent income indeed and that will depend upon how many people are willing to bid….which in turn depends upon how many people see the site and so on.

Essentially, the more eyeballs the more likely it is to work.

Anyway, here it is, Bid4Banners. And good luck to all who sail in her!

No, no money has changed hands for this review!

4 thoughts on “This might just work you know”

  1. People love lotteries, rigged or not (and whether the rigging is obvious or not).

    But then, considering how we come into and go through life, that fact becomes less surprising.

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