Upon being on the PR list

I\’ve ended up, sadly, on several of these PR lists. Hip Hop this and that in NYC, for example.

I am, of course, being based in Portugal, and, umm, how to put this gently, deeply uninterested in Hip Hop, NYC or, indeed PR, not a regular responder to certain invitations.

There are, just occasionally, invitations that I would love to accept though:

African American Media Network Executive Director Makakuvu Ali El Bey, Bikini Ad Model and Civil Rights Activist Monica Watkins and Star Industries Officials will join dozens of models wearing bikinis in a protest against the State of New York MTA, Tomorrow JUNE 29 at 11:30 AM. Outside the MTA Michael J. Quill Bus Depot on 41st Street between 10th and 11th Avenue A popular Georgi Vodka ad featuring an African American woman wearing a bikini has been banned in certain Brooklyn neighborhoods after being deemed obscene by religious communities. Community, Civil; Rights and officials from Star Industries will be holding huge protest of the MTA to speak out against the censorship.

The thing that is being protested about….well, I know nothing. But being at the protest, umm, as a middle aged male, well, it does sound fun, at the least.

Yes, this has been cleared with my wife. As someone married to a middle aged male, she\’s fine with an appetite sharpened away from home: as long as dining is done at that home.

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