We really are different from the Europeans

It was Georges Mikes who pointed out that the continentals have sex lives while the English have hot water bottles.

Things have changed over the last 60 years, this is true:

SEX toys such as the famous Rampant Rabbit could be BANNED by barmy Brussels killjoys.

Another law which will impact upon the English more than upon our continental cousins. For while they will still have sex lives it looks like the ladies of England will be back to hot water bottles.

Time to leave, no?

3 thoughts on “We really are different from the Europeans”

  1. Except that there is no proposal to ban the rampant rabbit. One material used in its manufacture could be determined as harmful. The manufacturer will do what everyone else does, and change to a new material.

    It is like calling a proposal to ban asbestos an attempt to ban roofs.

  2. They’d have a bit of huge task in removing PVC from electrical stuff. I say stuff rather than products because electrical cables are sheathed in PVC (BS 6004).

  3. Oh come on, leave out this little-Englander UKIP paranoia. Certain UK red tops routinely make up lies (usually a true thing, wickedly distorted), to smear “Brussels” = in order either to promote the interests of the newspaper’s owner (who hates Europeans trying to prevent him obtaining a monopolistic position in the UK market) or because they are shills for the City, which also seeks to smear everything Euro. Just as you seem to do. Tim Worstall – A shill for the City of London? Never!

    Tim adds: Shill? No laddie, I do this for free.

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